I apologise for not making a formal announcement prior to this moment, but I feel we need it now more than ever. I am taking my place at the helm of MineRaze for the time being, and intend to see it either returned to its former glory, or helping it find a new life of its own. This cannot and will not be done without the help of all of you, so I ask that you all please give myself, as well as the rest of the team a chance to right wrongs of the past and to reignite the spark that fueled our community.

There are numerous tasks that have sprouted rumors since my promotion, and I will attempt to answer all of them to the best of my ability. If you are not pleased with the decisions made, please do make a thread on the forums that contains a vote on the matter. We will be relying on you all to aid us in the restoration and growth of our server.

First and foremost, due to recent events, we have opted to cancel the community vote on whether or not there will be a towny reset or not. This decision was made once towns and chests lost their protection. Items have been stolen from players, and structures mutilated. The only way we see fit to right this issue is to start with a clean slate. You will retain your donation ranks, your titles, and your player points. All other items, as well as MCMMO stats will be wiped in order for all players to start at even grounds. A towny reset WILL be happening, the date for which shall be provided shortly. You will be informed of the reset with at least 48 hours notice through our discord.

Second, we will be performing a form of modified mass unban. Instead of unbanning all players, we will allow each to appeal, and the staff team will be voting on whether to unban the player or not. We will be far more lenient during these unbans as we usually would be. This being said, players that have breached the trust of the server, attacked the server, or attempted to chargeback a donation will not be unbanned, as these actions are the...
Hello Etherians!
A new major update is now available on the server. This is update 1.7. With this update comes a lot of bug fixes but also new content for players to enjoy along with many new custom items for you to earn. Let's get started with the update notes, shall we?

New Tier
A new item tier greater than Mythical has been added. This tier is called "Divine". There are currently 10 Divine items available for purchase at the Artifact Merchant with more being added in future updates. This tier will also receive its own unique currency in a near update.

New Dungeon/Quest
The long-awaited Primus Dungeon and Quest is now available. The primus dungeon similarly to every other dungeon rewards the player with a loot crate. This primus dungeon crate is significantly better than those obtainable in the easy and medium dungeon. The primus dungeon also has a unique quest rewarding 1x Dragonbone, this quest can be done once a week. In the future when the new Divine tier currency is introduced the quest reward will be updated.

All of the remaining in-game ranks are now available. This includes King, Emperor, Demi-God, God, and Celestial. This means those people on the server with a lot of money and power level finally can achieve the highest possible rank on the server and enjoy the perks coming with it.

Other Updates
Besides that, a lot of minor updates/bug fixes have also been added during this update. Here are some of the most significant fixes/changes.
  • Updated breeding limiter. You can now breed up to 10 mobs within 16 block radius. (was 5 earlier)
  • Updated item removal. Items such as diamond armor/tools, keys (tripwire hook), and other valuable items/artifacts will no longer be erased during the anti-lag clear.
  • Updated entity removal. All mobs passive/hostile will now be cleared unless they have a name-tag attached. Minecarts will also be...
Hello Etherians!

With the release of Etheria, one of our main goals was to do server events more frequently. The first server event of Etheria is now available, The Midsummer Event. This event is available until July 30th, meaning it is active for a whole month!

Recently, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew arrived at the docks in the server spawn. He is recruiting brave adventurers like yourself to assist them in the troubles present on their tropical island. It is time for you to embark on an adventure and show your prowess to these pirates.

This event features 6 new quests available on the pirate island with the latter being a daily quest. Completing these quests will reward you with “Buccaneer's Heart” which is a currency specific to this year's midsummer event. You can purchase up to 18 different custom items with this currency from the pirate merchant in spawn. On the island, you will be able to discover hidden treasures and battle foul creatures threatening to corrupt the island. Complete quests, become acquainted with the pirates, earn their trust and find mysterious pirate relics. Will you become a pirate?

Other Updates
  • The Epic and Mythical crates have both been significantly buffed to better reflect the current state of the server’s economy.
  • Fixed a bug where certain ranks were unable to unlock their specific titles.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘trash’ mobs did not spawn in the Wailing Caverns dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where some achievements did not give rewards.
  • Fixed/update some GUIs
  • Minor bug fixes
  • And more...